Day Nine: Artist’s solo effort.
Sage Francis counts right?
Day Eight: A ‘white whale’ album.
I dunno, I suppose I’ve just been very lucky in snagging what I’ve got when I could… but this had been in the top five of my wants list since I started, but no one was selling one anywhere… until one popped up on Discogs
Day Seven: Any 7”
Still bummed I paid a tenner for this (boooo @ prices for RSD releases) but I will admit I’m glad I have it. It’s definitely an interesting one to have.
Day Six: Repress.
So many of my records are reissues, but this was my obvious choice. Huge thanks to @evictionaries for helping me get these :D
Day Five: Boxset.
Because I already posted Norma Jean, here’s Shellac. I’m all done on the boxsets now, at least until someone helps me make one for my Alkaline Trio collection…
Day Four: Record from a local band.
Bands of chums, Human Future & Wayfarer.
Day Three: Album released this year.
I don’t have any yet,so here’s one from 10yrs ago. Ouch- 10 already?
Day Two: Marbled record.

This came as a birthday geeft from an incredible buying opportunity. Probably cost about £3? Thanks @deathofachemist
Day One: Oldest record you own.
Physically? Personally? Possibly/definitely not, but with songs dating back to the 50s, I’m gonna give it a feature :)
Day Twenty Nine: First record you bought.

I remember these two hanging around my room for AGES, but I honestly can’t remember which I bought first…
Day Twenty Eight: More than 2 colours.
This has to be one of my favourite artwork/vinyl matches in my entire collection. That and it adds a little welcome variation, sound-wise :)
Day Twenty Seven: (Classic) Album on classic black.
I have well over half my collection on black vinyl, but this choice was pretty obvious. I can’t quite believe I managed to get this within my price range… shame I’ll never afford the rest :/ DISCOGRAPHY BOXSET REISSUE PLEASE!!!!
Day Twenty Five: Half & half coloured record.
Trap Them - ‘Sleepwell Deconstructor’
Day Twenty Five: Rainy day album.
The new Jesu record is perfect for the eternally grey & drizzly weather we’ve been having since xmas.
Day Twenty Four: Favourite album Friday.
'Good Mourning' is my all time favourite album, it means more to me than I can put into words. But as I've already well established my love for Alkaline Trio, here's 'Lightbulb Sun' too- my favourite Porcupine Tree record.