Day 11: Guilty pleasure.

I gotta admit, I’m rather partial to the odd Richie song here and there. Could definitely do with ‘All Night Long’ and maybe ‘Hello’.
Day 10: Most valuable record.

I’ve already posted my top 4, so here’s #5- I was expecting standard black wax from the merch table, but this smokey grey was a very welcome discovery on the way home! Within the week it was going for £35-40.
Day 9: 9” (substitution)

Nine Inch Nails nine inch. New avenue of my collecting habit. I rather regret passing up on With Teeth when I came across it in Reckless Records… but £60 is just a little too far over my maximum spend.
Day 8: ‘Best of’ album.

HIM were a massive, MASSIVE part of my teenage years, and as I knew I had little to no chance of snagging that rather hard-to-come-by boxset of their best albums, I guess this would have to do… Definitely not enough ‘Dark Shadows & Brilliant Headlights’ tracks on this. Shame really, could have done without the ‘newer’ tracks.
Day 7: Record with a bonus 7”.

You say bonus, Godspeed You! say integral. I love the interactivity of this record, even if it is a bit of a pain in the butt if you’re busy doing things whilst listening.
Day 6: Gift.

My rather belated but hugely appreciated xmas prezzie from Rob. Possibly my two favourite Baroness tracks <3
Day 5: Album from high school.

Yknow when you start out on buying records for nostalgic purposes yet you’re not into spending any ‘big money’ on the things that really really mean something to you? Yeah, that’s the kind of category this falls into.
Day 4: Artist you only own one album by.

When I first started buying records I was very much into this realm of hardcore punk, and I thought I’d never own a copy of this record, but suddenly it got a reissue. Alas, my copy is warped as heck and is close resembling a bowl (slight over exaggeration) but it plays fine :)
Day 3: Impulse buy.

I was quite satisfied with the 2 records I had under my arm on Saturday, but then I thought ‘Sod it!’ and dug this one back out. Every collection needs at least one Mastodon record.
Day 2: Underrated artist(s).

The Music could have been HUGE, but somehow they faded into obscurity. How the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs/The Killers/Coldplay get so much attention yet much more interesting bands like this get left by the way-side is beyond me…
The Effort shall forever be one of my favourite hxc bands. As my musical interests have spanned into different genres, a lot of the bands I used to listen to on a daily basis have grown a little tiresome and less enjoyable to listen to. These guys however, have not.
Day 1: Summertime album.

Back when the Red Hot Chili’s were good (some of you will argue that they were never good) they put out one of the best records to accompany that ‘summer is ending’ comedown.
Day 31: Any record you like.

As its the very end of the challenge and there doesn’t seem to be any #junerecordaday I thought I’d go out with a recommendation. Pariso are probably (if not definitely in my opinion) the best British band out there right now. Go and listen to them already! Also, all their releases are up for download from their bandcamp:
Day 30: An album you’ll never get rid of.

Gaza will be a forever-favourite band in my books ever since seeing them supporting Converge years ago. This record is even better than ‘He Is Never Coming Back’, which is an absolute blinder in itself! This will never leave my collection.
Day 29: Bought on a friend’s recommendation.

I first heard Breach when @alexleat played them on a car journey home from a show a few years ago. Ok, so I was a tad slow on the uptake, but I eventually picked up ‘Godbox’ last summer while I was rifling through Sound Pollution in Stockholm.