Day 22: Soundtrack.

There’s a lot less going on in this soundtrack than I remembered… definitely not quite up to par without the film bolstering it. Still, some lovely choonz to add variety to my collection.
Day 21: Favourite album title.

'Songs To Scream At The Sun' Passionate music deserves a title that expresses feeling.
Day 20: #FavouriteRecordFriday 

Definitely my favourite Muse record. Absolute classic album.
Day 19: Album you’d like to see performed in its entirety.

I’ve seen Porcupine Tree enough times since ‘Fear Of A Blank Planet’ came out to say ‘been there done that’. Pretty much…
Day 18: Album from 2014.

Floor is the only one I have in my hands at the moment as I’m still waiting on Trap Them & Renounced pre-orders.
Day 17: Recent purchase.

*Ticks another box on the must-haves list* I think this might be the best The Music album (which is a tough statement to make, as they’re all brilliant) If you’ve never heard of them, make it your mission today to look them up on YouTube/spotify/iTunes. You wont regret it!
Day 16: Artist you know personally.

Right, I’m throwing a vague kinda spin on this as I’ve already posted everything I  have that @patxhassan has been involved in :p
Thanks to instagram I’ve talked to plenty of really ace people from around the world about music, movies, records, dogs, all sorts of things- two of those people being @nicksteinhardt and @sensoryoverlord :)
Day 15: A record that reminds you of your dad.

I have a few too many of those, but this is probably the ultimate. I remember being fascinated by the artwork on this when I was little, and it got a good few spins because of that. I’ve taken on a bunch of dad’s records, but he bought me my own copy of this last xmas (or the one before? I don’t remember)
Day 14: Flag on the cover.

I posted my only flag on the cover, so here’s one in the insert. This is a great record, but I wish it was on a 12”, I barely play it because its a 7” and a pain.
Day 12: Artist you didn’t want to like.

As I don’t own any Slayer records yet, I’m going to reverse this challenge.
I bummed the heck out of Cold World when this record came out, but I’ve just not been that fussed about them since. This record remains good and enjoyable, but very much on the back burner as far as playing is concerned.
Code Orange Kids are a real powerhouse of good music, but this whole ‘cult’ thing surrounding the new record has just killed it for me. Thing is, I know it’ll be incredible. It pisses me off when attitudes get in the way of the music.
Day 12: Album with (im)perfect artwork.

As neat as this design is, it definitely wasn’t rendered with a vinyl release in mind. It looks fine here, but when you get it in your hands there’s some serious pixelation going on. Shame really.
Day 11: Guilty pleasure.

I gotta admit, I’m rather partial to the odd Richie song here and there. Could definitely do with ‘All Night Long’ and maybe ‘Hello’.
Day 10: Most valuable record.

I’ve already posted my top 4, so here’s #5- I was expecting standard black wax from the merch table, but this smokey grey was a very welcome discovery on the way home! Within the week it was going for £35-40.
Day 9: 9” (substitution)

Nine Inch Nails nine inch. New avenue of my collecting habit. I rather regret passing up on With Teeth when I came across it in Reckless Records… but £60 is just a little too far over my maximum spend.
Day 8: ‘Best of’ album.

HIM were a massive, MASSIVE part of my teenage years, and as I knew I had little to no chance of snagging that rather hard-to-come-by boxset of their best albums, I guess this would have to do… Definitely not enough ‘Dark Shadows & Brilliant Headlights’ tracks on this. Shame really, could have done without the ‘newer’ tracks.