Day 3: Record in terrible condition.

I don’t have any that are unplayable, but I have a couple that have obviously been played a lot before I owned them. This one in particular. Not quite the condition I was expecting at all…
Day 2: Record from a foreign artist.

I’m not sure if anyone realises how much I enjoy owning this record (despite one of the tracks being forever associated with Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets now *le sigh*)
Day 1: Artist starting with ‘M’.
I need to own more Ministry records. Good stuff.
Day Twenty Seven: Album to drink to.
I don’t drink, so fuck you.
Day Twenty Six: Splatter colour record.
Hang The Bastard are a true fucking beast that evolves into something more brutal with each and every release. I am so hyped on the wax/art match here. I don’t see it much behind the tour cover (that I forgot to photograph)
Day Twenty Five: Album on classic black.
I remember listening and listening to Minor Threat to ‘get into them’ but just didn’t for so long, then one day it just clicked… and I’m so glad it did.
Day Twenty Four: Least favourite record you own.
Like most people on my feed this morning, I don’t own anything I wholeheartedly dislike. Unfortunately, this poor Gojira record is the closest I have. Some BANGING tracks on this, but find the rest oddly laborious to listen to.

untitled by kevin russ on Flickr.
Day Twenty Three: Clear coloured record.
I don’t listen to this as much these days, but I probably should as it’s a real corker!
Day Twenty: Animal on the cover.

Day Nineteen: White coloured record.

I’m rather gutted I missed all but the tail end of their set at Hevy Fest, they looked fun as fuck! This album will always kick some serious butt.
Day Eighteen: Split album/EP

My numero uno record of 2013. JK Flesh/Prurient - Worship Is The Cleansing Of The Imagination.
Day Seventeen: Acoustic album.

The only acoustic thing I have altogether… that I can think of…
Day Sixteen: Favourite £1 buy.

Charity shops generally tend to be overflowing with old classical music boxsets, choir recordings, stuff no one ever wanted from the 70s, and the same Leo Sayer records. However, there is almost always a classic to be found. This being one of them.
Day Fifteen: An artist’s best album.

By far their best offering, closely followed up by ‘Enter’