Got mah burfdee present from Buttface today!He says he’s not nice, but really, he is. He is very nice.

Also, All Pigs Must Die announced for Temples Fest. HAPPY FRIDAY, Y’ALL
So tired I could die.
I bought the hat and instantly turned into an ewok.
Tempted to buy a fluffy wolf hat. Looks tooooo cute. So tempted.
Deer jewellery day. Dangly earrings feel weird as heck.
I don’t post enough pictures of me that actually look like me.So here I am, in post-zoo pre-pomelo birthday glory posing with an Itsu sushi bar window display, because fish.
I’ve never liked a skirt as much as I like this one.GOOD SHOPPING DAY.Now I just need somewhere to wear this out… :/
I turned into a lion earlier…
I’m cold, I’m tired, and I miss this cheery bastardBleh, mondays
IT’S ALIIIIIVE… and back on the sudoku. Bloody turd. He’s not a turd. Not all the time anyway. :3
Mitch pointed out that I’ve had the same haircut my entire life.
I pointed out it was different for all of about 3yrs. So ner.
LOOK WHAT JUST LANDED ON MY DOORSTEP!There’s a certain level of excitement I reserve solely for Basement Jaxx.
Off to see my favouritest band on the planet & hang out with my pork scratchin’ of a little sister, probably taking in some serious emotional feels & a spot of record shopping.MY THURSDAY BEATS YOURS!(unless I get hit by a car, which I hope I don’t)BAI!
Hangin out wiv Janey