New jumper, dyed my hair & wearing make up for the first time in foreverrrrrr. I look pretty alright.
Bed, Blur, Piñatas, really wonky fringe.Really wonky everything by the looks of it *head tilt*Sod it.
Sup guise?
True story. Been at it all morning.Not sure the berocca & coffee have helped much…
Someone needs to invite me somewhere costume-themed so I can actually don this get up in public without just looking weird.
Hang on, have I just been drawing cute cartoons without realising it?! YAY! DRAWING!
I ran out of steam with what I was doing, so I drew a picture of myself instead.
My jumper is constantly falling off one shoulder.I’m bored.And my laptop is on the brink of self combustion.
Bought new clothes and wore a skirt today.Felt kinda pretty, despite being a bit greezy & scruffy.
Not alive.Peanut butter & marmalade on toast time.What I do with the rest of my day is beyond me though.Need to get outside at some point.
Doin’ a chewin’!
Good night I say. Damn good night.

There’s a bear in my room

I is burr
And sometimes I take the piss out of Mitch
Mum’s been doing a crimmas today. I’m just swearing because I can.
Persuaded my sister to come to Oathbreaker with me. Major anxiety crisis averted. I don’t feel like I’ll “fall” in front of a train now.