I was roped into 3 photos while at Temples fest. This was the first and the most photogenic. I’m dreading when the others will crop up. You can delight in my post-Dragged Into Sunlight pit hideousness in the next issue of Metal Hammer. Oh jeebus.
Gads, I really do love this tshirt.
Bought a dress yesterday after telling my mum I don’t have the money/need to spend out on more clothes… it’s pretty and super comfy though.Plus, I dyed my hair again this morning, so no more awful orange roots. Shame I’m still fat.
Name one person that can say no to a t-shirt with a 4-armed Bigfoot on it.NO ONE, THAT’S WHO.
It’s saturday and I need to feel good about myself / seem to be the only person willing to do that at the moment *blah blah wah*Also, let me shatter any remote notion you may have about me being slim. Chubbz fer life.
I bought a bunny rucksack in a charity shop today.Except he seemed too cute to just hang on the back of a door or something so I de-strapped him and now he is my cuddle-bun.He’s so soft and new. I can’t believe someone didn’t want to love heem.
*EDIT: I literally do not give a rat’s patootie that I’m nearing 25. I love my cuddly toys.*
Teddy bear goff
Had a great day at work! Got to leave early, back home before it’s dark, bra off, comfy jumper and downloading the episode of Ghost Hunting with the Happy Mondays- which I suggest you spend the evening watching too- it’s fucking hilarious
Mornin’. Werkz.
Werk. Whoop.Raining. Not-so-whoop.
side ponytail sundays blah
DID MOAR MAKE UP.I get to hang out with Robbity AND Red this evening, so that makes up for the piss-poor weather.
Bloomin’ ‘eck, I did a make-up!