There's a bear in my mac book
Who needs a maxi dress when you have an empty duvet cover?!
Mam keeps telling me I have a really straight nose.Turns out I do have a really straight nose.
SUCCULENTS, FUCK YEAH! Watching loads of Ghost Adventures, SUCCULENTS, FUCK YEAH! Planting is the only way yeah!*ahem*
Wanted: Big, cuddle-bug of a man to smooch me into oblivion and watch Nausicaa with me.

I’ve got a 4 armed bigfoot on my tshirt, what’s not to love?
Tonight I’m rocking the sleeveless hoodie and red hareem pants look.Me and bunny are watching something on old machine guns, but in all honesty, I’m solely in it for Neil Oliver :3
See Buttface, he is beeeeg!Bunny is also big.I am also 24.Who’dathunk?
On the plus side, I’ve been reunited with my macbook and MERRYYYYYY!If you ever need to win me over for any reason, buy me an alpaca.
Gloomy day bonus: when the only thing that still fits from a pile of old clothes is your favourite summer dress.
Cut, coloured, coordinated.
I thought I may as well put my boredom to some kind of use, so I made a gif. Accurate.

Ooohf, my new Chelsea Wolfe shirt is comfy!Yeah, so I kinda accidentally made a gif… enjoy my maximum dancing skills.

Just found this. LOOK HOW CUTE I USED TO BE!
Night time showers are the best. I am also the best sister and staying up late to get some illustrations scanned in and put together on photoshop despite having work tomorrow.No more photos of me for a good while now, the bombardment is over.
Spending the day attempting to focus on being useful, sucking blueberry seeds out of my teeth and trying not to consume my own weight in cappuccino sachets. I blame time zones/Tre.My eyes look blue today. This is nice.
New favourite tshirt.