Day 17: Recent purchase.

*Ticks another box on the must-haves list* I think this might be the best The Music album (which is a tough statement to make, as they’re all brilliant) If you’ve never heard of them, make it your mission today to look them up on YouTube/spotify/iTunes. You wont regret it!
Day 2: Underrated artist(s).

The Music could have been HUGE, but somehow they faded into obscurity. How the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs/The Killers/Coldplay get so much attention yet much more interesting bands like this get left by the way-side is beyond me…
The Effort shall forever be one of my favourite hxc bands. As my musical interests have spanned into different genres, a lot of the bands I used to listen to on a daily basis have grown a little tiresome and less enjoyable to listen to. These guys however, have not.
Day 19: Record Store Day.

I haven’t got the money or a local record shop within 40miles of where I live, so here’s one of my purchases from last year. Can’t say I support the extortionate prices of RSD releases whatsoever.
Day 17: Rarest record in your collection.

I’ve only ever seen this for sale (shop and online) once, so I snapped it up. I need more Feeder in my collection, but like Placebo, all their stuff got a first press and that was it. Reissues ahoy I say!
Day Eight: A ‘white whale’ album.
I dunno, I suppose I’ve just been very lucky in snagging what I’ve got when I could… but this had been in the top five of my wants list since I started, but no one was selling one anywhere… until one popped up on Discogs
Day Six: Repress.
So many of my records are reissues, but this was my obvious choice. Huge thanks to @evictionaries for helping me get these :D
Perfect. Talk about colour coordination.
Everyone should own a copy of this record