Inside Peter Fehrentz’s renovated Berlin flat via Dwell
'The Woods' exhibition by Brooke Holm

-jadorejade:Vintage / Nature / New York / Photography by â–ºCubaGallery on Flickr.
Paper cut silhouettes by Olly Moss
Mirrors - Photographer Unknown
Oh my gosh, that Walton Ford poster!That wall arrangement is exactly the kind of thing I’d like to have one day. Just with my Torche/Alkaline Trio/Johnny Truant prints instead.

Bedroom by Kat Preston
Took this before Kvelertak went up. That gap on the right is bugging me.
Adding more to the wall! Is it possible for walls to get bigger without significant construction work?

kimpayne_people_05lg by Sandy-S on Flickr.
When you thought I couldn’t get more awesome, BAM! I just did! ;)
Points to whoever can count all the Corgis in this photo
YUP. Exactly how I’d like to do a room in my house.
thedaintysquid : LMPP’s Bedroom by hustler of culture on Flickr.
I shall have one (or several) wall(s) like this in my future flat/house.