Me & Rob

This hoop is mmmnnnACCEPTABLEEEE! Custom order but a remade version is available here. :)
Someone buy me these pls? I’m really too fucking poor to buy my happiness right now.
Now I’ve finally given it to him, here’s 1/3 of the xmas prezzies I got for Robbit. Joint hand-made effort between me & my mum (I can’t knit for shit)Jake now keeps his ipod all snuggles

Skulls - Misfits
(by Kat Preston)BUY PRINTS HERE!
Super-awesome Chris just made me an Adventure Time wallpaper featuring my Punk Rock Finn & Jake!Day made. This is brilliant. MOAR THANK YOUS!
Getting my draw on for my ultimate nerdy fangirl moment.
These are up for order, please buy some, I’m jobless & very very poor right now :(

poo brain

ROBERT J TARRANT.(I’m not calling you a poo-brain horse, I’m just alerting you to it)

A more realistic take of “Death” from Adventure Time. 

Ceremony X Adventure Time (by Kat Preston)
Rob aka Life Tourist is mah bestest bud.He is the Finn to my Jake (or vice versa, we haven’t really decided yet)We both like Ceremony, UH-LOT.This just seemed a logical thing to do.I’M GLAD THEY ARE ACCEPTABLEEEEEEEE!No I won’t be selling these, sorry.

I think I just about make up for all the kick-butt presents Rob’s given me!
punkrockadventuretime:TV Party - Black Flag(by Kat Preston)
Please ignore this shoddy drawing and buy one or two of my good drawings? They’re fun and awesome and proceeds are going towards my long awaited trip to Norway/upgrading photography equipment.Reblog & share this around too- not sure many people realise you can buy them yet!

Hey guys!
I’ve been having a think lately about prints, and as easy as it would be to get them professionally printed up, I think I’d much rather hand make them to order- y’know, make them a little more special.SO, options are much simpler now- standard A4 or A5 sizes of which ever pieces you like the best, all hand produced specifically for you.
All info is on the FAQ Page, so send me an email at whenever you’re ready to order!Thanks for the interest & sorry I’ve been so slow on this!
Now it’s arrived, I can get all extra excited about making an epic post for Robbity.I am an awesome fwend.