Chris Sisarich

This is Joon, my gorgeous little tank. She’s almost five months. She’s an American Piit bull/Bullly mix.
Day 23: Band that broke up.
This record has my absolute favourite Gaza track on it- ‘The Kicking Legs’. I remember first hearing it when I saw them supporting Converge a good few years back- completely blew me away. Gutted they never made it to the UK for a No Absolutes.. tour :(
"Hi, I’m Bronte, will you play frisbee with me?"

I luff this sweet, happy, perfect doggy ever so much.

Plitvice Walkway | by Christopher Waddell | Website.

(via 500px / Eagle Owl by Milan Zygmunt)

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Okay, Caleb, how is it that you look more puppy-ish than Tess sometimes?
Goofball. <3

Caleb, I wuv youuuuuu! Gorgeoustest pup-meister :3
Day 22: B-sides album.
Well, this is more an EP of songs that didn’t quite make the album cut for ‘My Shame Is True’.
Who needs a maxi dress when you have an empty duvet cover?!