There's a bear in my mac book

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Day 20: Side project.

Old Man Gloom consists of some of the most hard working people in heavy music, so I think they solidly class as a side project band- but that hasn’t stopped them from pumping out a hefty handful of releases over their 14yr existence. Picked this up in mint condition from Music Exchange for a measly £13 (alongside my rather beat up copy of ‘Jupiter’) Wasn’t sure of it at first, as ‘Christmas’ definitely reigns supreme, but it’s a grower.

Easter bunnies by mirr_i_am on Flickr.
Day 19: Album you thought you’d never own.

There’s still plenty out there I’d like, and whether I fork out hefty money for them is an undecided surprise. United Nations, however, cropped up one day and made me think “if I don’t get this now, I’ll probably never get it” Glad I did- this is definitely a collection favourite!