At the Earth’s Core (1976)

Currently watching. The monsters are fantastic and the sets are incredible. I need to make a terrarium based on this film.
Day 11: Record you bought for the cover art.

Damn, I could have posted the tour edition of Touche Amore ‘Parting the Sea…’ Oh well, here’s Torch Runner with some cool artwork.

Little Qualicum Falls  ➾ Luke Gram

Allosaurus preying on Apatosaurus by Charles R Knight
Bought a dress yesterday after telling my mum I don’t have the money/need to spend out on more clothes… it’s pretty and super comfy though.Plus, I dyed my hair again this morning, so no more awful orange roots. Shame I’m still fat.
Ural Owl by nyomblr

Oregon Autumn - I | USA by scurvy_knaves


Murphy is such a happy little corgi #corgi #corgination #corgicommunity #roadtrip #murphy #beachbum

One hamsome corg showing off his beautiful eyeliner

What a sandy baby!
Day 10: Artist that starts with ‘A’.

My most recent acquisition, the Alkerdeel/Gnaw Their Tongues collaboration. Sounds damn evil. Got a neat etching on the b-side too.