The Quiraing, Skye | by Robert White.

Happy Friday!
Day 16: Animal on the cover.

Yet another great EP that gets very little playing time because it’s a 7”. I really should try and find more stuff by these guys, 2-3 songs just isn’t enough!

Alexander Grim

Clayton’s Red Sunset Venus Flytrap by Mike Raube-Boyer

And done! Largest pond I’ve made to date. Measures 6 inches across and includes 9 fish, 2 turtles, 1 frog, 4 water lilies, and lily pads. Hope the person who commissioned it likes it! #miniatures #polymerclay #resin #handmade #koipond #frog #turtles #koi #ponds #waterlilies

I just realised I probably wont reach 40… and I am totally ok with it *does the buddy Jesus pose*


(via 500px / Eye Lash Viper by Tom Fiore)

My piece for UGLYCON 2014, “Ice bats’ journey to the north”.https://www.facebook.com/events/721416581255886/ June 21 - July 9 Jun 21 at 12:00pm to Jul 9 at 5:00pm GiantRobot 2062 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90025

Wembury Beach by Kieron Foster
Day 15: #favouriterecordfriday 

I think The Body hit their absolute peak with me on this EP- I just haven’t enjoyed anything of theirs as much since. This is one of those records you put on for the first time and it sounds like you’re listening to a favourite album you somehow managed to forget all about.