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MUSIC CHALLENGE: Album you own on multiple formats


Some of you have seen/participated in the ‘record a day’ challenges on instagram, and today’s challenge is: Album you own on multiple formats.

Call me a nark or whatever, but this challenge really does interest me to the core. It’s like getting a real peek into someone’s collecting habit/taste in music.

SO, any one release (or multiple, you may be obsessed with a few things) you own on cassette tape, vinyl, cd (preferably not a burn/copy), live dvd, vhs, (paid for) digital download, mini disc, betamax, Jefferson phonograph- whatever it may be! Doesn’t matter if you bought it second hand, given it as a birthday present or even bought with an iTunes giftcard. Some of you may have A LOT, so list off a top 5 or top 10 if it makes things easier :)

There is only ONE RULE: It has to have been paid for (digital from cd/free download cards only counts if you have 2+ formats already)

Reply, reblog, message, fanmail- just feed my inner nerdy-nosey-parker!

Here’s an example:

What’s yours?

Adding my other two:

  • INXS ‘Kick’ - CD/LP/tape/digital
  • The Lost Boys OST - LP/tape/digital

Then there’s Alkaline Trios 8 full lengths, early demos and compilation album I have on LP & CD (amongst a whole load of other albums I have on cd/lp)


Wild beauty by Olga Gladysheva
Put more semps in stones. They’re cute, but all I can see in this photo is a Muppet’s face. Anyone else? No? Just me? Ok.

Daniel “Malky” Malkovich, nosegrind, San Diego, California. Photo by: @daveswift01 #theskateboardmag124


Guinea Pig (by craiganderson715)

Day 18: Multiple format PART 2.

I own a lot/not as many as I thought LP / CD albums. I couldn’t fit all the records and cds in one shot, so I went for the most convenient format. I think I might rig up a wall mounted ‘flat’ racking system in the future- covers are so much cooler than spines!
Day 18: Album you own on multiple formats.

I already posted my Mutoid Man LP/tape combo, so here’s an amalgamation of ownerships of ‘The Bends’- I own the LP, my sister has the tape, my dad has the CD and we all have it digitally. I don’t think my mum even likes Radiohead…
I have this lined up as my first big tattoo… if I ever get round to it

The World Beyond - Caitlin Hackett