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Day 21: Collection of an artist.
Shame this wasn’t on the 19th, as every time I type ‘day 19’ it always makes me want to play ‘Fucking Viva’. Trap Them have to be one of my (albeit underlying) favourite bands. They really cannot do any wrong and ‘Blissfucker’ is everything I’ve been waiting for since ‘Darker Handcraft’

by (Thomas van der Zaag)

(by ERiN SiTT)

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Day 20: Side project.

Old Man Gloom consists of some of the most hard working people in heavy music, so I think they solidly class as a side project band- but that hasn’t stopped them from pumping out a hefty handful of releases over their 14yr existence. Picked this up in mint condition from Music Exchange for a measly £13 (alongside my rather beat up copy of ‘Jupiter’) Wasn’t sure of it at first, as ‘Christmas’ definitely reigns supreme, but it’s a grower.

Easter bunnies by mirr_i_am on Flickr.