Favourite internet pugwy <3
Day 28: Foreign artist.

I’ve loved this record for years, but I really can’t remember how I found it… another one that should get a lot more spins.

Sorry mum, you’ll get your dining table back eventually… maybe…
Saturn by the father of modern Space Art: Chelsey Bonestell
The London Necropolis, Brookwood via The Graveyard Detective

Homeless / / o l i v i e r s p a c e

These are my favorite opals. Don’t they look like hatching dragon eggs? My mom has a bunch, but we went into an opal store and they had cases and cases of them. It looked like an incubator lol


pond scum and tiny exploding rock planets

Check out this most recent drawing by my roommate Zoe Keller, made while on our farm residency.

Even after 7 years, the park is still a place of pure bliss to Jay

REVELATION: Do I really hate everyone? Or just myself?

Who am I kidding, I hate all of us with a fucking passion.
(ノ ̄д ̄)ノ


David Tevenal