Chris de Krijger

Brown Bear (by David WOLBERG)
Cabin in the Woods by Max Redörksen

Connor by day1953
Each tiger has its very own stripe pattern. Researchers who observe tigers can identify individuals by their unique stripes. Learn more.
Day 22: Least favourite album by an artist.

I don’t buy things I don’t like, so I’m going with an album it took me a good while to get into. I just couldn’t dig Blacklisted for quite some time, then they just clicked. Still prefer ‘No One Deserves…’ more though.

Sexy vintage/retro belt spanking

Shaun White pushing through the streets of Tokyo in Sept 2008.  We used to do promo tours every year there and spend the days skating around the streets exploring, 

Film photography by Quinn Milton:
Somebody has been a busy bee today, and that bee is me.

Zane Kaiser