Anonymous asked: dont worry we all know that macbooks were the shineyist most adorable white laptops there was out there

'there were out there’ Had to be done. Mine is big and silver and out of production.

Anonymous asked: Hope you and that perfect bum of yours is having a good day! :) x

S’alriiiiight. Purchased my new computer set up and been out in the sunshine and having a nice tea, so, yeah, having a good day. My bum has been sat on a fair bit though, not sure it’s too happy about that.


Caracal by Florence Merlote

Enjoy the journey. Photo: @alexstrohl #WellTravelled #Chile by herschelsupply

DSC_2 | by wei1881

http://sureiscoolhere.tumblr.comCanon AE-1 / Fujifilm

Bye bye bearsinmymmacbook, hello bearsinmymacmini.

Hmm, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

by nyomblr
Day 16: Album by a band who broke up.

Weirdly, Ritual broke up the week after I bought this. Great record, which makes me wonder why I’ve never looked into them any further :/

(via snOMG 2014 - Doppler)

That thur is one kyoot peeg :3LOOK AT ITS TINY SMILE!

Rai Robledo

Friendly Fidus / / Paul Nguyen

(by Jared Ropelato)