Leopard coming down by Mario Moreno


Lynn Akura

my friend is amazing.
La Gazelle d’Or Hotel in Taroudant, MoroccoPhotography by Simon Watson/New York Times

Lighting A Flare Inside Iceland Ice Cave By Brynjar Agústsson
Pretty in pink eh little plant?
I have come to the conclusion that if I want to share a photo of something, it definitely shouldn’t be taken on my phone. It’s been nice taking pictures of things other than my records again. There’s a new post up on if you’re interested in following/checking out my plant & home based doings :)

Refreshment by Julian Rad
Day 21: Solo artist.

Novelty choice here- I’m pretty sure they just let Nigel Planer loose with a bunch of instruments for this one… Kinda super-weird, but a laugh to crack out whenever someone sits in my room for a prolonged amount of time.

Bartolomé Bermejo, Descent of Christ into Limbo, c. 1475. Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya

Picture: AP Photo/Felipe Dana (via Pictures of the day: 21 May 2014 - Telegraph)

Sketching for a new print wooop

Damn, those jars are a pain in the butt to draw, extra kudos on that one!

Before They Pass Away : Photographer, Jimmy Nelson, set out on a three year quest to photograph tribes at the edge of existence.