I can relate to this far too much. BUS SNAPE.
Stumbled across a craft tutorial this morning entirely by accident and I ended up making these. Tiger gems are super fun! And don’t even get me started on how cute they are!
Day 25: Music to relax to. 

As relaxing as Russian Circles can be, I get super-hyped on certain parts of some songs that relaxing is thrown right out of the window.
Day 24: Beat up record.

It looks as if someone has taken a box of needles to this record- scratched to buggery and it really does affect playback. Unfortunately I got it from an Italian online store with a ‘no returns’ policy. Kinda sucks I guess.
Day 23: Dedicate a record to someone.

This goes out to @lifetourist because 1. It was his birthday yesterday, and 2. I’m pretty sure it was down to him that I got round to listening to Nails in the first place.
Day 22: Bought at a gig.

I saw Run With The Hunted twice supporting Trial back in 2010(?) and they were ace- even at the Borderline. Great hardcore, somewhat reminiscent of a few other songs/bands in places, but still really worth a listen!

IMG_4826 by franktele1 on Flickr.

Devil Dancers of Tibet
The Reality of the DevilPaul CarusChicago: The Open Court Publishing Co., 1905.

Leopard coming down by Mario Moreno


Lynn Akura

my friend is amazing.
La Gazelle d’Or Hotel in Taroudant, MoroccoPhotography by Simon Watson/New York Times

Lighting A Flare Inside Iceland Ice Cave By Brynjar Agústsson
Pretty in pink eh little plant?
I have come to the conclusion that if I want to share a photo of something, it definitely shouldn’t be taken on my phone. It’s been nice taking pictures of things other than my records again. There’s a new post up on forrestsounds.tumblr.com if you’re interested in following/checking out my plant & home based doings :)