There's a bear in my mac book


Jeepers Creepers still legitimately puts the shits up me.

You can sod RIGHT off if you don’t think it’s one of the best horror movies of the last 20yrs. No- ever.


Blondie by denverApri
Nausicaa and pictures. May as well make the most of the afternoon to myself indoors!

Chris Sisarich

This is Joon, my gorgeous little tank. She’s almost five months. She’s an American Piit bull/Bullly mix.
Day 23: Band that broke up.

This record has my absolute favourite Gaza track on it- ‘The Kicking Legs’. I remember first hearing it when I saw them supporting Converge a good few years back- completely blew me away. Gutted they never made it to the UK for a No Absolutes.. tour :(
"Hi, I’m Bronte, will you play frisbee with me?"

I luff this sweet, happy, perfect doggy ever so much.